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Our service team is pleasant, courteous, and responsive.

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See how can Eastern can work for you.

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Dedicated staff to help you succeed.


Classic Live Answering Service

If you choose this service your phone is answered 24 hours a day or whenever you request. An operator will take a detailed message according to your instructions. Everything about your account is tailored to your business.

Voice Mail with Operator Assist

Voice mail offers the convenience of checking your routine messages at your leisure and offers the security of having a live operator. Voice mail with operator assist affords the luxury of a live service without all the cost.

Paging Service

Computerized equipment allows us access to page any and all beepers including alpha-numeric pagers, numeric, tone, voice and sky pagers. We can text message your cell phone, PDA, blackberry, etc. in the same manner as an alpha-numeric pager.

Appointment Scheduling

We can schedule real time appointments months in advance. We share online appointment books with your office staff, scheduling appointments without double booking. We also offer appointment confirmations.

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Eastern TAS is simple, easy to use,

responsive, and always available.

Eastern TAS provides an all-in-one solution for businesses of all types.
From corporations to small business, we can handle your client volume.

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Customized Call Programs Tailored To Your Business.

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Achieving your business goals shouldn't be hindered by your answering system. Our staff will work with you to recommend the best set up for your needs.

Technology that works for you

High Technology Call Center

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Our call centers are equipped with the latest technology to insure you never miss a call, and are always represented professionally. Our team members are here to assist all callers.

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The Eastern TAS Process

Here's a brief look at how we handle taking care of your client portfolio.


We sit with you and brainstorm the most efficient way to serve your clients and your business.


We expertly plan each step of client journey.


We pay attention to each detail of the client intake process.


Care and accuracy in the design process

Our Clients

We have the privilege of working with some of these great companies

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Care and accuracy in the design process show respect towards the consumer

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